How to discover your "X" factor. (aka the BS of "some people just have that special something")

How to discover your X Factor?


And no I dont mean the British Television show. When I say the X Factor” I mean that “star presencespecial somethingcant take your eyes off themhard-to-put-your-finger-on-exactly” but always recognizable quality that the great performers (perhaps we might say true Artists” with a capital A) have.

I define these Artists” with a capital A” as opposed to lower-case artists” as people who transcend the nuts and bolts of their art form and tap into something much greater than it, or than they themselves, and in so doing bring lucky audience members along for the ride as well.

And to be sure, there are Artists” with a capital A” in every profession, not just the traditional arts. From singers to pianists to teachers to bankers to store clerks to stay-at-home moms to lawyers (yes even lawyers), weve all met these Artists” of their profession or way of life, these people who have an X Factor, who somehow seem to transcend their activities and bring everyone who comes into contact with them a little bit of that X Factor, call it joy, presence, or a moment of respite in a hectic day, whatever you may call it, you know it when you encounter it!

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One teacher's suggestion for how to learn a song/practice. Find your own! (An oldie but a goodie)

1) Listen to several recordings for the overall sound world. Do not get too attached to one recording/one way of doing things. There is no "correct way." In fact, we want to hear your way, which is interesting to us because we've never heard it before and is personal to you and no one else. If I wanted to hear Jessye Norman's way, I can youtube it for free.


3) Go to the text/poem....

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