Whenever humans make art (visual, theatrical, musical, it's all good), we work with three primary modes MPM:

1) Movement (our mind-bodies, objects, color, light)

2) Play (acting, words, meaning, intention, in the moment)

3) Music (sounds, voice, vibration)

Drawing from my varied background, I teach each discipline individually, as well as how they interconnect.

Sometimes, what's holding you back in your acting is your voice. Sometimes what's holding your voice back is your acting. And sometimes, you just need to free your neck.

I've found in my own performance as well as teaching, that if you can unblock the flow between all three modes, not only will your performance ability magically transform as each mode begins to support the work of the others, but whole worlds of new repertoire and possibility will open to you and your art.

My passion is to help artists unlock the unique pattern of their flow between the three modes, so that they can make the art they want to make, in the way they want to make it.

And maybe they'll unlock us all in the process, and in so doing, make us all see, feel, and hear a little more beauty, peace, and wonder.

Beginner's 10 Lesson Package

If you are interested in a private lesson:

1) It takes time to get to know a new teacher (and student)

2) It takes time to establish new, conscious habits that serve you

3) It takes time for us to examine all the different aspects of your performance: music, play, and material.

For those reasons, I do not teach individual lessons to new students.

Rather, I will meet with prospective students to ascertain what their goals are and if we would be a good fit for each other. Not every teacher is for every student, and not every student is for every teacher. If we both agree it would be a good fit, then:

I ask that beginning students sign up for a course of 10 45-minute lessons that they will complete in under 6 weeks.

This assures that we have both the breadth and depth of time necessary to go deep and make changes that will stay with you for a lifetime.

My goal is not to have forever students, but to teach students to teach themselves. My hope is that by the end of our 10 lessons, you will have grown the awareness you need to continue working in the way that you want to work on your own.

If you are interested in signing up for a course of lessons, email me at matt@mattcahill.online, and I will get back to you shortly to schedule an interview.

Returning Students

After the initial ten lesson package, I welcome return students to come back in for continued work on a lesson by lesson basis be it a "spot check", "doldrums boost", or to work on a specific new project.


1) Beginner's 10 lesson package - $500

That's $50/lesson. As a performer myself, I charge the lowest I possibly can to make the kind of in depth work necessary, financially feasible.

2) Return student lessons

  • $60/45 minutes with no pianist

  • $80/45 minutes with pianist

Matthew Patrick Morris