Cool People

Matthew Patrick MOrris

Below are a few of the extraordinary people that have greatly impacted my life, as they have for countless others.

Please check them out.

Ann Rodiger, Alexander Teacher extraordinaire

Ann Rodiger - Alexander Technique

is the fearless and brilliant leader of my Alexander Technique Teacher Training program at the Balance Arts Center. A supremely gifted master teacher of the Alexander Technique, who also is dedicated to putting the technique into practical use for singers, dancers, actors, and non-performers. She's also just one of the best people I know. Interested in learning more about your body, how to gain freedom, reduce pain, and raise your consciousness? Go see Ann!

Trish McCaffrey

Patricia McCaffrey - Voice Teacher

a genius master teacher of vocal technique to classical singers (Patricia Racette, Daniel Okulitch, Emily D'Angelo), as well as musical theater and pop (many current Broadway performers and Grammy winners). Tough, demanding, and a fierce "Mama Bear" of her students. She always gets results. You WILL sing better when you leave a lesson with her.

Edwin Cahill

Edwin Cahill - Director & Acting Coach

Wait, a director who speaks fluent French, Italian, and German (and English), so he reads all the source material in the original language, trained as a classical pianist so he can play through any score, trained as a singer and actor so he understands vocal technique as well as acting intentions and the demands of performing on Broadway? Yes, all of that magically came together in Edwin Cahill. One of the most extraordinary minds I have ever encountered, in addition to being able to unlock the truthful core from any production or performance, he somehow manages to do so with genuine warmth and kindness. Run to him to spearhead any production or to brush up your Shakespeare or Verdi.


Bradon McDonald - Fashion Designer & Modern Dancer

Bradon's ability to make stunning clothes that feel so good on that you don't want to take them off, and look so good on that people tell you not to, is nothing short of remarkable. Add to that his ability to make costumes that not only tell the story, but enable performers to feel free and fabulous, and that's why you should run to Bradon if you need a red carpet gown or Don Giovanni cast costumes. Oh yes, and he's a doll too.

Ryan McAdams

Ryan McAdams - Conductor

Another cross-genre genius, Ryan's grasp of literature and drama would be stunning on its own: but combined with the breadth of his knowledge of repertoire, from baroque to notes still wet on the page from composers we should all know and Ryan discovered years ago, the depth of his insights into how to make music come alive off the page, and his innate sense for how to bring the best out of people, both his orchestras and singers, and you have a singular talent. Be it concert, opera, orchestra, musical theater, or private coaching if you're lucky enough to get time with him in between his jet-setting across the world, Ryan is your man.


John Norris - Body, Mind, Voice Teacher

I can only hope to follow in the wake of this trailblazer in combining the greatest advancements in body, mind, and voice techniques to create dynamic, and free performers and performances. John is a body, mind, voice whisperer who can connect the dots of how you are using yourself, so that you can be the performer you've always wanted to be. Bonus: he's a heck of a lot of fun.

Laura Careless

Laura Careless - Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher

When she dances it's as if nothing else exists in the world except her, and when she teaches it's as if nothing else exists in the world except you. With a singularly deep connection to and knowledge of the body and movement, Laura creates movement pieces where experienced dancers sparkle from the inside, opera singers tell stories you would never believe, and beginners find joy in expression through movement. If you need anything body, or just some time with a mother earth nymph goddess, look up Laura.